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Looker: the data experience you need

An intelligent platform that allows everyone in the organisation, regardless of their background, to view and explore data to make the decisions that best suit them. All with metrics and business terms that are familiar to everyone.

With this solution, companies continue to lead their industries by using information to generate data-driven experiences tailored to all levels of the business: employees, customers, products and services. Request a live demo!


Easy integration into Google Cloud Platform

Anyone in your company can access and analyse information in the organisation's datasets through the Google Cloud Platform. With Looker you can create a data exploration platform in GCP to make information accessible to the entire company.

Modern analysis tool and adapted applications

Looker gives you access to real-time information to build relevant dashboards and reports that act as a starting point for deeper analysis. It also includes fit-for-purpose data tools that work to support a specific function and a more specific business objective.

Optimisation of workflows and integrated reporting

Looker also has the option to automate the decision-making process to reduce or even eliminate manual intervention, so you can get more out of your workflows.